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Vehicle Specific Vs. Universal Fit Covers

We have both custom-fit (“vehicle-specific”) and universal-fit car covers. Our related article Should I Get A Custom-Fit or Universal Car Cover discusses these types more in depth. In this article, we will stick with the custom-fit ones. Whichever type you select, your cover will feature sturdy elastic around its entire bottom perimeter to ensure it clings as snugly as possible to your vehicle on all sides.

All-Weather Car Covers

For best value, we’ll start with Covercraft’s Block-It 380 Custom Car Cover – a medium weight cover which provides excellent resistance to rain along with good protection against dust, snow, UV rays, and dings. And if you’ve got a 1976-present Jeep CJ/Wrangler, the Smittybilt Car Cover and Crown 3-layer Full Car Cover are sized specifically for these 4x4s.

Gray Smittybilt Car Cover
The Smittybilt Car Cover


Coverking Coverbond 4 Custom Car Cover
The Coverking Coverbond 4 Custom Car Cover.

Moving up to heavier weight covers that offer even more resistance to rain, dirt, and dings, we’ve got the Covercraft 4-layer Evolution Car Cover, Covercraft 4-layer NOAH Car Cover, Coverking 4-layer Coverbond Custom Car Cover, EMPI 4-layer Deluxe Gray Car Cover (classic VW Beetles, Squarebacks, and Karmann Ghias), and Rampage Custom-Fit 4-Layer Breathable Car Cover (Ford Broncos, Jeeps, and other select models).