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Dusty Porsche 911

If you’re an auto enthusiast without a garage, seeing your beloved ride exposed to the elements can be painful. Warm climates have scorching sun that fades paint and cracks interior panels. Rainy climates lead to acid rain damage on paint, chrome, plastic trim, and rubber seals. Cold climates add the inconvenience of snow, along with icy rain that freezes your doors shut and forms a hard glaze on glass surfaces.

There’s more. Airborne dirt is everywhere – which becomes mud that stains and discolors. Throw in: falling debris, tree sap, autumn leaves in every nook and cranny, filth from pollen, and seeds which clog drain tubes and cause water leaks. It’s a mess!

Variety Of Outdoor Car Covers

You need not put up with these things! Car covers purpose-built for outdoor use can literally serve as a portable, year-round garage that travels with you everywhere. Because we know the satisfaction and inner peace that comes when your vehicle is properly protected, we offer a variety of outdoor car covers that shield your ride from the above-mentioned horrors.

Durable Water Repellent Fabric

Outdoor covers are designed to resist water penetration from above, not completely prevent water from getting through. If they were truly waterproof, moisture coming from under the ground becomes trapped below the cover – causing mildew and, ultimately, corrosion of body panels. Therefore, all outdoor covers must breathe to some extent.

The fact is – any water that does permeate will evaporate quickly thanks to perforated cover designs that release moisture, not trap it. Consequentially, outdoor car covers will begin to dry virtually as soon as precipitation ends. Vehicle surfaces underneath will be left dry as well.

What does not get through outdoor covers is dirt and other debris, thanks to multiple layered construction. Should grime begin to accumulate on top of the cover as time passes, most of the covers we sell are washable: either by machine (commercial duty) or by hand (while on the car). Check for specifics in the details for each cover.

Elastic Edging Along Bottom Perimeters Of Cover
Unless otherwise noted, all covers we sell feature elastic edging along bottom perimeters to keep things snug.
All covers we offer can be ordered with a tote bag sized specially for easy storage and transport, along with a lock and cable kit to keep the cover from blowing off the vehicle. These items may be standard or extra cost depending on the specific cover you choose – this will be detailed on each of our product pages.

Lock And Cable Kit For Outdoor Car Cover
Most outdoor car covers we sell can be ordered with a lock and cable kit to keep them secured in high winds.